Curriculum Vitae


2012–Present: Master of Engineering - Computer Science and Engineering
Anna University (MIT Campus)
Chennai, India

2008–2012: Bachelor of Engineering - Electronics & Communications Engineering
Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi
Anna University, Chennai, India

- 1st Class

2006–2008: Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) - Computer Science
Valliappa Vidhyalayam Higher Secondary School,
TN, India

- 1st Class

1994–2006: Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC)
Valliappa Vidhyalayam Higher Secondary School
TN, India

- 1st Class

Academic Background:

Computer Science: Computer Architecture, Operating Systems (UNIX), Data Structures, Parallel Computing, Algorithms, Cloud Computing, Web Development ...

Programming Languages: C, C++, Python, MATLAB, AVR Assembly, PIC Assembly; HTML & CSS.

Image Processing: Frequency Analysis, Edge Detection, Optical Flow Analysis , Segmentation, Classification, Wavelets ...

Signal Processing: Fourier Analysis, Wavelet Transform, Laplace Transform , Z Transform, Harmonic Analysis, Digits Signal Processing, ...

Electronics: Circuit Design and Analysis, PCB Design, Microcontrollers (PIC & AVR) , Microprocessors (8086, Z80), FPGA, VHDL, Verilog, ...

Post Graduation Details

Discipline M.Engg. Computer Science and Engineering
History of Arrears Nil
Classification --- current ---
Research Projects Fault Tolerance in Multi-Core Processors
Projects --- current---
Duration 2012 - 2014 (Expected)

Under Graduation Details

Discipline B.Engg. Electronics & Communications Engineering
History of Arrears Nil
Classification First Class
Research Projects Traffic Monitoring and Control using Image Processing
  1. LCF Meter
  2. Dynamic Encryption and Decryption (DYED)
  3. Adapative 1D Run-Length Encoding
Duration 2008 - 2012


2013 - Present Lead Acid Battery Desulphator
Desulphator Circuit possibly using 555 or AVR along with an intelligent lead acid battery charger (V2) and automatic switch over to inverter (SMPS Based) upon power failure. This is a power supply unit for my work bench with an aid of 2x7.2AH VRLA and 1x9AH flooded Lead Acid batteries.

2012 Intelligent Lead Acid Batery Charger
Designed Current cum Voltage controlled Lead acid battery charger with quick switch over upon power failure. The circuit powered my Asus RT N13U B1 Router, Music Player, etc.

2012 Adaptive 1D Run-Length Encoding
Compression of binary image using 1D Run-length encoding. The encoding is adaptive whose word length is dictated by the property of the image under compression.

2011 Lithium Battery based Emergency Light
Designed Li-Ion Battery charger cum protection circuit and modded the emergency lights to give approx. 24 Hr backup.

2010 Dynamic Encryption and Decryption (DYED)
A dynamic encryption algorithm to encrypt message streams in multiple levels with each level being visualized as a rotating cylinder (inspired by German's Lopez Cipher) whose speed is dictated by a combination of arriving message, provided key and previous ciphered data.

2009 LCF Meter
Calculation of Inductance & Capacitance using the transient property of Inductor and Capacitor respectively, frequency using incremental counting. All the calculations are performed using discrete ICs.


2013 - Present Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle tracking using image processing by object detection via optical flow analysis.

2013 - Present Fault Tolerance in Multi-Core Processors
Implementation of Fault-Tolerance in commercially available desktop processors with little or no hardware change.
Anna University (MIT Campus) , Chennai, India

2012 Traffic Monitoring and Control using Image Processing
Monitoring of Traffic using optical flow along the route leading to the tracking and classification of the vehicle, computation of its speed, direction of travel and vehicle number detection
Mepco Schlenk Engineering College - Anna University, Chennai, India


Tamil Native  
English Full Professional
Hindi Elementary
German Elementary  

Computer skills:

OS Platforms Linux/Unix (Debian, Red Hat, etc.), Windows, DOS
Programming C/C++, Python, AVR, PIC, Verilog, VHDL
IDE Netbeans, Dev C++, Eclipse
Documentation Technologies HTML & CSS, XML
Tools SCons, vim
Scientific Matlab, Eagle, Multisim & Ultiboard
Version Control System  Mercurial
Typography ~45wpm, Open Office, Microsoft Office, Open Office

Technical Skills:

  • Circuit Design, Analysis & Debugging
  • PCB Design

Interests and Activities:

  • Processor Architecture, Neural Networks, Operating System, uKernel, Computer Vision, Open Source Hardware & Software
  • Member of Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) since 2012
  • Office Bearer of Health Club during 2009
  • Yoga, Meditation


  • Reading English Literature, Writing
  • Listening to Musics
  • Designing Electronic Circuits
  • Learning, etc.

Personal Details:

Name Ashok Kumar P
Gender Male
Age (as of Jul 2013) 22
Weight 65
Height 170 cm
Nationality     Indian
Other names     ParokshaX, Paroksha.X